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Rye, Colorado

Bishop Castle

The largest self-built castle in the US
38.0610, -105.0942
Augustinian Friar's Astrological Clock - one of the hands takes 20,000 years to revolve.
Vienna, Austria

Clock Museum

A small museum filled with over 1,000 clocks, & one particular clock calibrated to run until the year 9999
48.2108, 16.3693
Galileo's Middle Finger
Florence, Italy

Galileo's Middle Finger

The middle finger of modernity
43.7677, 11.2560
Years ago, I saw a child almost plummet out the Emergency Exit (and it would need to be a dire emergency, to knowingly venture out there that high off the ground,) near this high area of the house. The door's opening set off an alarm but staff didn't even raise an eyebrow. Scary place!
Spring Green, Wisconsin

House on the Rock

A bizarre house filled with an astounding array of collections
43.0970, -90.1349
Vienna, Austria

Josephinum Medical Museum

One of the best collections of wax anatomical models in the world
48.2192, 16.3571
Stromboli, Italy

Stromboli Island

A volcanic old faithful, Stromboli has been erupting continuously for the last 2000 years
38.7869, 15.2131
Vienna, Austria

The Narrenturm

This former insane asylum now holds a pathalogical anatomy museum
48.2163, 16.3514
Vienna, Austria

Republic of Kugelmugel

A spherical "micro-nation" in the heart of Vienna
48.2155, 16.3961
Wien, Austria

Esperanto Museum

Museum devoted to the artificial language of Esperanto
48.2095, 16.3657
Vienna, Austria

Stephansdom Crypt

The crypt of the imposing Stephensdom holds royal intestines and thousands of skeletons
48.2080, 16.3729
The library lobby
Vienna, Austria

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek - Austrian National Library

The beautiful baroque library of the Hapsburg empire
48.2060, 16.3673
Vienna, Austria

Globe Museum

Handsomely crafted representations of our round planet
48.2094, 16.3657
Vienna, Austria

Naturhistorisches Museum

Beautiful Austrian natural history museum with carved ceilings and row after row of ancient taxidermy
48.2057, 16.3606
Budapest, Hungary

The Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum

A Hungarian pharmacy museum with a fascinating mumia box
47.5008, 19.0341
Budapest, Hungary

Semmelweis Medical Museum

A museum in the childhood house of a medical pioneer
47.4930, 19.0432
Budapest, Hungary

Elektotechnikai Múzeum

Electrical curiosity museum housed in an old transformer station
47.4979, 19.0628
Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Cave Church

Once the home of a hermetic monk, this cave now houses a small church
47.4851, 19.0520
Budapest, Hungary

György Ràth Museum

A Hungarian optometrist's charming collection of Asian art and curiosities
47.5085, 19.0745
Wall detail
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary "Bone Church"

A church of bones, decorated with 40,000 human skeletons
49.9482, 15.2676
Budapest, Hungary

The Holy Right

Mummified holy right fist of a 1,000-year-old Saint-king
47.5007, 19.0535

Snake Island - Ilha da Queimada Grande

Off-limits and full of venomous pit vipers, its nickname is frighteningly apt
-24.4833, -46.6833
Hall of Hunting
Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Agriculture Museum

A fake Transylvanian castle houses a cathedral of antlers
47.5140, 19.0868
Mummified head of a murderer with blond hair
Vienna, Austria


Macabre museum devoted to historical Viennese murders
48.2184, 16.3785
Philosophical Reading Room
Budapest, Hungary

Szabo Ervin Library

A 19th century artistocrat's mansion, turned into a library, hidden in a modern library
47.4891, 19.0641