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Springfield, Oregon

Proxy Falls

This frequently-photographed waterfall takes only a short hike to visit
05 Feb 2016
Banteay Srei, Cambodia

Kbal Spean

This Cambodian riverbed is covered in ancient fertility symbols both above and below the waters
05 Feb 2016
Midway, Utah

Homestead Crater

This geothermal hot spring hides beneath a slowly growing mineral dome
02 Feb 2016
Monroe, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs

One man has installed bathtubs into the Utah desert floor to harness the powers of a natural hot spring
01 Feb 2016
Live Oak, Florida

Falmouth Springs

The so-called "world's shortest river" is actually a window into a cave
25 Jan 2016
Moncton, Canada

Moncton Tidal Bore

Twice a day, the water of the Petitcodiac River flows upstream in a surfable wave
15 Jan 2016
Victoria Falls, Zambia

Devil's Swimming Pool

The world's highest and most dangerous infinity pool lies at the precipice of Victoria Falls
29 Dec 2015
Juneau, Alaska

Mendenhall Ice Caves

Breathtakingly blue walls shimmer in the "Glacier Behind the Town"
28 Dec 2015
Cape Charles, Virginia

Kiptopeke's Concrete Fleet

Nine of the very few concrete ships ever made in the U.S. are beautifully decaying off of a Virginia pier
22 Dec 2015

Horizontal Falls

This pair of Australian "waterfalls" appear to be falling straight across the land
16 Dec 2015
Manaus, Brazil

Meeting of Waters

This striking, two-toned confluence of rivers is visible from space
15 Dec 2015
Cheshire, Connecticut

Lock 12 Historical Park

This historic park site contains the last remnants of a once bustling canal system
08 Dec 2015
Kastrup, Denmark

Kastrup Sea Bath

This ultra-modern wooden boardwalk turns the ocean into a swimming pool
04 Dec 2015


This fantastical waterfall is hidden in a cave located in a cracked cliff
26 Nov 2015
Hinatuan, Philippines

Hinatuan Enchanted River

A magically clear, blue river that seems to spring from nowhere
26 Nov 2015
North Coogee , Australia

C.Y. O'Connor Horse and Rider

This drowning bronze monument marks the spot where one of Australia's great engineers killed himself
23 Nov 2015
Alpena, Michigan

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

This protected area in Lake Huron contains some of the world’s best-preserved shipwrecks
18 Nov 2015
Ontario, Canada

The Bruce Peninsula Grotto

This natural sea cave hides a small wonderland of natural turquoise beauty
10 Nov 2015
Kerch, Ukraine

Koyashskoe Salt Lake

The saltiest lake in all of Crimea is also the pinkest of the pink and teeming with life
03 Nov 2015
Yallabatharra, Australia

Hutt Lagoon

A massive concentration of algae is responsible for this lake's pink hue
20 Oct 2015
Enbekshikazakh District, Kazakhstan

Issyk Lake

The lovely lake that was naturally dammed, then naturally destroyed, then unnaturally saved
22 Sep 2015

100 Wonders: Blood Falls

by Dylan Thuras
15 Sep 2015
Pacific Ocean, Antarctica

Point Nemo

At the point of oceanic inaccessibility, you can't get farther from dry land without leaving the planet
30 Jul 2015
Mount Washington, Massachusetts

Bash Bish Falls

One of the most scenic falls in Massachusetts has a history of death and grim legend
28 Jul 2015
Carezza, Italy

Carezza Rainbow Lake

According to the local folklore, the myriad colors of this lake are the result of a a lovelorn wizard's blunder
17 Jul 2015

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