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Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Jumbo Kingdom

A colossal floating restaurant built to look like a ancient Chinese imperial palace
13 Oct 2014
South Bend, Indiana

East Race Waterway

The first man-made white water course in America cuts right through an Indiana city
09 Oct 2014
Westchester County, New York

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

This once-grand marvel of engineering is now 41 miles of scenic hiking trail
03 Sep 2014
Panjiakou Reservoir, China

Submerged Great Wall of China

Thanks to the building of a life-giving reservoir, part of the Great Wall of China is now a dive site
28 Aug 2014
Dumbleyung , Australia

Site of 1964 World Water Speed Record

Australia's Dumbleyung Lake facilitated the first daredevil who ever broke both the land and water speed record in the same year
14 Aug 2014
Naalehu, Hawaii

Ka Lae

The southernmost point in the United States is a beautiful place to look at but a deadly place to wade in
04 Aug 2014
Saint John, Canada

Reversing Falls

These powerful, if squat, Canadian waterfalls flow in different directions depending on the time of day
30 Jul 2014
Hinterbrühl, Austria


This series of underground chambers contains Europe's largest subterranean lake that is slowly drained each day
28 Jul 2014
Zhejiang, China

Shi Cheng

China's very own Atlantis is an ornate dynastic city resting at the bottom of a lake
11 Jul 2014
Mui Ne, Vietnam

The Fairy Stream

This whimsically named Vietnamese stream is closer to a walkway than a waterway
27 Jun 2014
Calipatria, California

Salton Sea Duck Blinds

The sea once considered an ecological wasteland is now called "crown jewel of avian biodiversity" by scientists
11 Jun 2014
Villa Epecuen, Argentina

Villa Epecuen

Once swallowed by flood waters, this village has emerged as an eerie shadow of its former self
11 Jun 2014
Stoke Row, England

Maharajah's Well

A well for a well, this anachronistically Indian-styled water pit was built in its small town home in gratitude for a similar favor
05 Jun 2014


The innovative Nigerian floating school that may just be a glimpse into the future of design in a world of troubling climate changes
12 May 2014
Giethoorn, The Netherlands


This small town in the Netherlands has no roads but instead, miles of canals and over 100 bridges
29 Apr 2014
Port Huron, Michigan

Knowlton's Ice Museum of North America

This small museum is dedicated to making sure the history of the natural ice industry doesn't melt away
28 Apr 2014
Linesville, Pennsylvania

Linesville Spillway

"Where the ducks walk on fish"
22 Apr 2014
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Spring

The largest hot spring in the US is, as the name suggests, a stunning show of natural color
18 Apr 2014
Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste

This neon blue river gets its color from a unique mix of bacteria and volcano minerals
18 Apr 2014
Belchertown, Massachusetts

Quabbin Reservoir

The largest body of water in Massachusetts annihilated four small towns just to slake Boston's thirst
11 Apr 2014
Wrexham, United Kingdom

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The longest and tallest aqueduct in Britain can actually be sailed across
10 Apr 2014
St. Thomas, Nevada

St. Thomas, Nevada

This former Mormon settlement is only now reemerging from the receding waters of Lake Mead
02 Apr 2014
Blackville, South Carolina

God's Acre Healing Springs

This natural spring not only claims to heal the wounded but it has also been willed to God
21 Mar 2014
Holywell, Wales

Winifred's Well

The oldest continual pilgrimage site in Britain was supposedly created by a gruesome beheading
12 Mar 2014