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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Spring

The largest hot spring in the US is, as the name suggests, a stunning show of natural color
18 Apr 2014
Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste

This neon blue river gets its color from a unique mix of bacteria and volcano minerals
18 Apr 2014
Belchertown, Massachusetts

Quabbin Reservoir

The largest body of water in Massachusetts annihilated four small towns just to slake Boston's thirst
11 Apr 2014
Wrexham, United Kingdom

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The longest and tallest aqueduct in Britain can actually be sailed across
10 Apr 2014
St. Thomas, Nevada

St. Thomas, Nevada

This former Mormon settlement is only now reemerging from the receding waters of Lake Mead
02 Apr 2014
Blackville, South Carolina

God's Acre Healing Springs

This natural spring not only claims to heal the wounded but it has also been willed to God
21 Mar 2014
Holywell, Wales

Winifred's Well

The oldest continual pilgrimage site in Britain was supposedly created by a gruesome beheading
12 Mar 2014
Kiama, Australia

Kiama Blowhole

This massive water spout has been luring visitors for hundreds of years, some to their death
12 Mar 2014
San Francisco, California

Fleishhacker Pool Ruins

Forgotten and then destroyed by fire, this was once one of the largest saltwater swimming pools in the world
04 Mar 2014
Chicago, Illinois

Bubbly Creek

This cheerfully-named branch of the Chicago River is the fetid result of years of blood, entrails, and meatpacking waste
21 Feb 2014
Þingvellir National Park, Iceland


This natural Icelandic fissure allows divers to swim right between two volatile tectonic plates
04 Feb 2014
Slaughter Beach , Delaware

Redbird Reef

Decommissioned NYC subway cars are dumped into the ocean to create this underwater wildlife habitat
28 Jan 2014
Worcester, Massachusetts

Burnside Fountain - Turtle Boy

The Burnside Fountain and its questionable interpretation
20 Jan 2014
Duluth, Minnesota

S.S. William A. Irvin

This rare vessel mixed luxury with labor before being converted to a museum and sometimes haunted maze
10 Jan 2014
Dahab, Egypt

Red Sea Blue Hole

The deadliest diving spot in the world is also a stunning geological marvel
10 Jan 2014
Gozo, Malta

The Azure Window and the Blue Hole

Two geological phenomena in one precarious locale: a towering stone window, and a deep blue void
07 Jan 2014
Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Santa Rosa Blue Hole

A clear blue swimming hole that has hidden unexplored caves for over 40 years
07 Jan 2014
Torwood, Scotland

Torwood Blue Pool

The mystery of this small, brick pond eluded its possibly only investigator until his death
23 Dec 2013
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Jumbo Kingdom

A colossal floating restaurant built to look like a ancient Chinese imperial palace
20 Dec 2013
Wimberley, Texas

Jacob's Well

A popular swimming hole that hides one of America's most deadly diving spots
19 Dec 2013
Bonne Terre, Missouri

Bonne Terre Mines

The world's largest man-made underground caverns offer unparalleled underwater wonders
16 Dec 2013
Istanbul, Turkey

Kaiser Wilhelm Fountain

A fountain standing as a testament to a doomed alliance
10 Dec 2013
Juneau, Alaska

Mendenhall Ice Caves

Breathtakingly blue walls shimmer in the "Glacier Behind the Town"
02 Dec 2013
Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, France

Fontaine de Vaucluse

Even France's favorite aquatic son, Jacques Cousteau, couldn't get to the bottom of it
02 Dec 2013
Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Ruien

An open-air sewer system that was covered piece-by-piece over 300 years
19 Nov 2013

Pumpkin Spring Pool

Arsenic pool in the Grand Canyon takes on the appearance of a giant, overflowing pumpkin
30 Oct 2013

Earthquake Lake

An apocalyptic seismic event creates a deadly chain reaction that ends with a 6-mile long lake developing within weeks
18 Oct 2013
Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound

Dolphins, ancient clams and hundreds of waterfalls make this one of the world's top tourist destinations
09 Oct 2013
Wiang Kham, Thailand

Lotus Lake

Stunning wetlands ablaze with pink lotus flowers
04 Oct 2013