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Kerch, Ukraine

Koyashskoe Salt Lake

The saltiest lake in all of Crimea is also the pinkest of the pink and teeming with life
03 Nov 2015
Clay, Kansas

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Home to Hollywood history and a very special salt crystal
17 Oct 2013
Monduli, Tanzania

Lake Natron

A salty red hell on the border of Kenya and Tanzania breeds endangered flamingos
02 Oct 2013

Lake Hillier

An Australian lake whose pink hue defies scientific explanation
13 Jun 2013
Rufisque, Senegal

Lake Retba

A lake that looks like blushing pink lemonade is deceptively salty
27 Jun 2012
Fremont, California

Salt Ponds of San Francisco

From the sky, a kaleidoscope of color brightens the grey landscape of the San Francisco Bay
26 Jun 2012
Mecca, California

Salton Sea History Museum

A museum dedicated to a sea that should have never been
20 Jun 2012
San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Mexico

Hierve El Agua

This beautifully deceptive waterfall is something far different from what it appears to be
11 Jun 2012

Dead Vlei

This "dead marsh" sits among the largest sand dunes in the world, a forest frozen in time
06 Jun 2012
Wieliczka, Poland

Wieliczka Salt Mine

An underground city of salt
05 Jun 2012
Sur Lípez, Bolivia

Laguna Colorada

Red lake 4,000 meters above sea level is home to rare flamingos
30 Nov 2011
West Baden Springs, Indiana

Historic West Baden Springs Hotel

A turn-of-the-century architectural marvel built on healing mineral springs and salt licks
05 Sep 2011

Blood Falls

Natural time capsule containing an alien ecosystem
05 Aug 2011
Eaglehawk Neck, Australia

Eaglehawk Neck Tessellated Pavement

Extraordinary geology resembles man made pavement
18 Aug 2010
Osoyoos, Canada

The Spotted Lake (Kliluk)

A lake sacred composed of over 300 separate pools of highly concentrated minerals
16 Jun 2010
Praid, Romania

Salina Praid

Gigantic Romanian salt mines used to heal respiratory conditions
06 May 2010
Thermal, California

Salton Sea

The ghostly remains of an accidental sea
31 Jan 2010
Daniel Campos, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivian Salt Flat

A seemingly endless landscape of pure salt stretches far across Bolivia
20 Jan 2010

Kitum Cave

A salty cave excavated by elephants and the location of a deadly disease vector
14 Dec 2009
Qeshm, Iran

3N Cave - The World's Largest Salt Cave

Recently discovered, the worlds largest salt cave is filled with fragile salt sculptures, salt rivers and huge salt megadomes
10 Dec 2009
Khewra, Pakistan

Khewra Salt Mines

The world's second largest salt mine, said to have been discovered by Alexander the Great's horse
07 Dec 2009
Zipaquira, Colombia

Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira

Cathedral carved out of salt, located a mile below the earth's surface
16 Nov 2009
Lee Vining, California

Mono Lake

Aqueducts have dramatically changed this old lake, now home to tufa towers and its very own species of tiny brine shrimp
09 Nov 2009
Bochnia, Poland

Bochnia Salt Mine

Poland's oldest salt mine has nearly everything one needs to live underground forever
02 Nov 2009
Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Salt Mine

Over a thousand feet beneath the Detroit streets is a subterranean metropolis few are allowed to enter
24 Oct 2009

Undersea Brine Lake

A lake at the bottom of the ocean
08 Oct 2009
Syracuse, Utah

Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake

The largest island on the great salt lake is home to curious creatures and strange stories
13 Feb 2009
Zanjān, Iran

Salt Men of Iran

Salt cured mummies continue to turn up in this Iranian mine
11 Feb 2009
Hallstatt, Austria

Salzwelten: The Hallstatt Salt Mine

The world's oldest known salt mine
11 Feb 2009
Grand Saline, Texas

The Salt Palace

A small "palace" and museum made of, and devoted entirely, to salt
23 Jan 2009

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