Berlin, Germany

Berlin Radio Tower

A restaurant and observation deck built in a unique broadcasting antennae  

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The Berlin Radio Tower or "Berliner Funkturm" is a well-known landmark in Berlin. A 146 meter tall lattice tower, the tower has a restaurant at height of 51.65 meters and an open air observation deck at 121.49 meters.

Their is a unique feature of the radio tower which is that its feet stand on large porcelain insulators, insulating it from the ground. Towers standing on insulators are not uncommon on long and medium wave broadcasting sites, but these towers are not normally open for tourists as have high voltage against ground and are dangerous. The Berlin tower however, built between 1924 and 1926, and always intended to be open to tourists, almost had the same problem. Unfortunately after it was completed it was found out that it would be nearly impossible to get tourists on the insulated tower without endangering them.

Eventually the broadcasting element of the tower was scrapped in favor of the tourists and the Berlin Radio Tower was turned into merely a nice place to get a meal and look out over the city, which it still is today,

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