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Cardrona, New Zealand

Cardrona Bra Fence

Hundreds of bras, blowing in the wind 

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Although it looks like a women's liberation monument from the 1960s, the Cardrona Bra Fence was created, or at least set in motion, in 1999. Somewhere between Christmas and New Year's Eve, four bras appeared mysteriously on the fence in Central Otago.

Immediately catching the eye of everyone in town, this inspired a few copycats to follow suit and within a few months there were 60 bras flapping in the wind. That number has now grown to thousands, and despite the occasional bra theft, including a loss of more than 1500 in 2006, the fence is continuing to grow with its unique adornment.

An attempt to use the fence to get the record of the longest bra chain fell short a few years back, but the juxtaposition of bras of every color against a backdrop of rolling hills and sheep make it a unique New Zealand attraction.

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