Casa de Pedra

The eccentric home of Estevao Silva da Conceicao, known as the "Brazilian Gaudi"

Contributor: serflac

Estevao Silva da Conceicao worked for over 20 years to build a truly unique home for his family.

At just over 800 square feet, it is anything but a mansion. The diminuative wonder is located in the favela of Paraisopolis near Sao Paulo, with a rooftop view of the surrounding favela.

The Casa de Pedra, or "House of Stone," is covered in Gaudi-esque - but not Gaudi-inspired - tile mosaic surfaces. Estavao, however, apparently knew nothing of the famous Spanish architect util his home was nearly complete.

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    Private Residence
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    Paraisopolis, São Paulo, 01316-060, Brazil
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