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Pasadena, California

Gold Bug

Entomology, sea shells, and 19th century biology charts merge in slightly macabre creations. 

Shoppers in search of the elegant, the weird, or the elegantly weird will have a field day browsing through the offbeat wares at this modern day cabinet of curiosities in Old Pasadena. The family-run store sells the kind of esoteric objet d’ arts that include everything from steam punk collectibles to jewelry fashioned from the bones of small animals.

Tucked unexpectedly on a lesser traveled side street near Old Town Pasadena, Gold Bug is an H.P. Lovecraft meets Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie store, appealing to upscale goths, artists, and folks who are truly intrigued by biology’s more curious creations - and know how to use a hot glue gun.

The store contains a mix of original art, including chandeliers created from sea shells, rare insect displays, such as large “walking stick” bugs and bright Philippine beetles, vintage school prints, and nature inspired jewelry made from casts of tiny bugs and stones. The tiny shop certainly packs a big punch.

In addition to the jewelry pieces, Gold Bug also features the work of artists such as Lisa Wood, who creates miniature insect dioramas, and children’s book illustrator Sophie Blackall, who hand paints vintage cabinet card photographs specifically for the store.

The next time one finds themselves in Old Town Pasadena for a visit to the Cheesecake Factory with their aunt, politely excuse yourself and duck around the corner to this gem of a shop and travel back to a sepia-toned, hushed world of possibility.




Know Before You Go

* One block from the Metro GoldLine's Memorial Park Station
* Just north of Colorado Blvd, between Raymond and Fair Oaks
* easy access to 134 & 710 freeways

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