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Kiev, Ukraine

Nicolaï Syadristy’s Micro Miniature Museum

One of the world’s best microminiaturist, Nicolaï Siadristy displays his lifetime of tiny creations in this museum 

It is only fitting that Ukrainian Nicolaï Siadristy’s micro miniature museum should be in the little town of Ordino, in the pint-sized country of Andorra.

Widely considered the world’s best microminiaturist, Nicolaï Siadristy has a lifetime’s worth of tiny creations on display in this museum. What does a microminiturist create? A tray complete with a wine bottle and glasses, all set on a grain of salt, or the human being at various stages of life, represented on a gold thread 400-times thinner than a human hair.

Each work in the museum is a masterpiece that took around half a year to create, and each must be viewed through a microscope. The favorite among all viewers is the caravan of camels trudging toward a pyramid and palm tree, all nestled within the eye of a needle.

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