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Taylors Falls, Minnesota

Old Man of the Dalles

A stone face watches over the river 

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This natural wonder is one of the many odd rock formations and rocky crags along the Dalles of the St. Croix River.

At the end of the last ice age, the frigid waters of Lake Superior drained southwards toward the Mississippi, carving the rugged topography here. The area is famous for its many potholes cut deep into the rock by boulders trapped in the eddies of the great torrent.

In Victorian times, steamboats guided tourists through the gorge to gawk at the rugged scenery and take note of the unusual rock formations such as the Devil's Pulpit, the Maltese Cross, the Lion's Head, and the Devil's Chair (which was sadly toppled by vandals in 2005).

The Old Man is best visible from the diving cliffs on the east side of the river. Look north, toward the rocks before the highway bridge. Unlike New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain, this formation is not likely to fall to pieces anytime soon.

Know Before You Go

Located in Interstate State Park, across the river from Taylors Falls, MN.

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