Total Eclipse: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Festival of Science, Music, and Celestial Wonder. August 19–21, 2017 in Eastern Oregon.
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A locally made sign points the way to the complex.
Rishikesh, India

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram

The abandoned site of the Beatles spiritual awakening and subsequent revolt
30.1124, 78.3112
The Tower of Silence in Yazd
Yazd, Iran

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence

Putrefaction plateaus in Iran, where the dead were sent for decontamination before going to their final resting place
31.8220, 54.3569
Isfahan, Iran

Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque

17th century mosque for Shah Abbas' harem
32.6514, 51.6792
Troglodyte dwellings in Iran's village of Kandovan.
Mianeh, Iran

Troglodyte Village of Kandovan

Modern-day cave dwellers carve elaborate homes out of volcanic debris
37.5981, 47.8289
The ruins of Persepolis

The ruins of Persepolis

The palace of the King of Kings, burned by Alexander the Great
29.9349, 52.8902
Amna Suraka Prison
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Amna Suraka Prison

A bloody history is captured in this prison turned museum
35.5634, 45.4260
Varlaam Monastery
Kalabaka, Greece


Monasteries on rock pillars, once accessible only by frayed ropes
39.7142, 21.6311
Goght, Armenia

Geghard Monastery

Armenian monastery carved out of cliffs and named after the spear that stabbed Jesus
40.1403, 44.8051
Garni, Armenia

Garni Gorge

A geological oddity topped with a temple
40.1123, 44.7303
Kars, Turkey

Monument to Humanity, Kars

Unfinished monument to peace between Turkey and Armenia, long divided by a dispute over genocide
40.5927, 43.0778
Ocaklı Köyü, Turkey

Ani Ghost City

An abused and forgotten metropolis, abandoned for centuries
40.5075, 43.5728
Fairy Chimneys
Aksaray, Turkey


Entire cities carved into ancient volcanic rock formations.
38.4174, 34.1382
Ruins of statue heads (Flickr/B Evershed)
Kayadere, Turkey

Nemrut Dagi

Mausoleum and Holy Seat of Antiochus I of Commagene
37.9804, 38.7422
Sarışeyh, Turkey

Gobekli Tepe

Hunter-gatherer architecture believed to be the oldest religious complex known
37.2735, 38.9180
Urfa - Balikli Lake (Sacred Lake)
Urfa, Turkey

Balikli Gol

A sacred lake with thousands of sacred carp and a biblical history
37.1474, 38.7845
Helsinki, Finland


Villas that once served as playgrounds for the rich now fall away in decay
60.1708, 25.0114
Prague, Czechia

Prague Astronomical Clock

Macabre astrological automaton clock dating to the late 1400s
50.0870, 14.4208
Paris, France

Shakespeare and Company

Bookstore serves double duty as "Tumbleweed Hotel"
48.8526, 2.3471
Tower of Hercules

Tower of Hercules

The oldest Roman lighthouse still in use
43.3859, -8.4067
Look for the pilgrim between the Royal Doors and the edge of the clock tower
Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Shadow Pilgrim

An accidental trick of light casts the perfect shadow of a pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago against the cathedral wall
42.8806, -8.5437
Madrid, Spain

Fountain of the Fallen Angel

A monument to Satan in the same country that gave us the Inquisition
40.4111, -3.6825
The temple by night
Madrid, Spain

Templo de Debod

An ancient Egyptian temple in the middle of Madrid, Spain
40.4253, -3.7173
The aqueduct at night.
Segovia, Spain

Segovia Aqueduct

One of the few remaining ancient aqueducts described by Frontinus as 'the most solemn testimony of the Empire.'
40.9480, -4.1178
Astronaut carving in the Salamanca new cathedral.
Salamanca, Spain

Cathedral of Salamanca's Astronaut

The Cathedral of Salamanca has a number of unusual carvings but none so surprising as a modern astronaut.
40.9650, -5.6630