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Mitchell, South Dakota

The Corn Palace

A fitting attraction for the corn capital of the world
43.7146, -98.0254
Bruce Crossing, Michigan

Paulding Light

A mysterious light in the wood, rumoured to be the the ghost of a railroad brakeman.
46.4013, -89.1791
Custer, South Dakota

Crazy Horse Memorial

The world's largest mountain carving could fit all of Mount Rushmore inside it many times over
43.8368, -103.6244
Wall, South Dakota

Wall Drug

The granddaddy of all tourist traps, built on ice water and jackalopes
43.9933, -102.2418
Middle of nowhere South Dakota.
Meadow, South Dakota

McFarthest Spot

The farthest you can be in the continental US from a McDonald's location
45.4596, -101.9136
Aerial view of the Bighorn Medicine Wheel
Lovell, Wyoming

Bighorn Medicine Wheel

Native American circle of stones used to predict astronomical events
44.8260, -107.9220
As viewed from the west, from the Washington Avenue Bridge. (Wikimedia Commons)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

20,000 pieces in a Frank Gehry-designed building
44.9718, -93.2374
Flickr photo by adamcnelson
Casper, Wyoming

Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming

Devilish landscape, once cinema home to giant alien bugs, now derelict roadside attraction
43.0322, -106.9878
Welcome to Lost Springs. (Larry Page/Flickr)
Shawnee, Wyoming

Lost Springs

Population: 1
42.7655, -104.9252

Cairo's City of the Dead

In Egypt's expanding metro area, many of the neighbors are dead
30.0647, 31.2495
Buford, Wyoming

Buford, Wyoming: Population 1

The smallest town in the United States
41.1219, -105.3047
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Old Faithful Geyser

One of nature's most well-scheduled phenomenons resides in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park
44.4605, -110.8281
Rapid City, South Dakota

Depression Era Dinosaur Park

Towering concrete dinosaurs give a window into Depression-era paleontology
44.0779, -103.2446