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Years ago, I saw a child almost plummet out the Emergency Exit (and it would need to be a dire emergency, to knowingly venture out there that high off the ground,) near this high area of the house. The door's opening set off an alarm but staff didn't even raise an eyebrow. Scary place!
Spring Green, Wisconsin

House on the Rock

A bizarre house filled with an astounding array of collections
43.0970, -90.1349
Mitchell, South Dakota

The Corn Palace

A fitting attraction for the corn capital of the world
43.7146, -98.0254
The entrance to the caves in St. Paul.
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Wabasha Street Caves

Mushrooms, gangsters ... disco?
44.9359, -93.0870
Kansas City, Missouri

Steamboat Arabia Museum

Steamboat sunk in 1856, recovered from a field 132 years later with the cargo still intact
39.1102, -94.5813
Mont Saint-Michel
Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel

This 1,300 year old monastery built atop a single rock was once only accessible depending on the whims of the tide
48.6352, -1.5105
The Lunatic Box held someone up in a standing position for hours at a time.
St. Joseph, Missouri

Glore Psychiatric Museum

The history of the treatment of mental illness, illustrated in all its gory detail, and housed in an asylum
39.7769, -94.8147
Berne, Switzerland


The bear pit or Bern, empty for the first time in nearly 500 years
46.9482, 7.4598
Munich, Germany


Daily jousts and dancing barrel makers in Munich's mechanical clock
48.1378, 11.5759
Helene Sedlmayr, the toy-selling young beauty of Munich
Munich, Germany

Gallery of Beauties - Schönheitengalarie

King Ludwig I's collection of beautiful women
48.1583, 11.5033
Three levels of shopping stacked on top of one another, built above the world's largest underground aquarium, and centered around a full-blown indoor amusement park.
Bloomington, Minnesota

The Mall of America

Equal parts record-breaking temple to consumerism and bizarre fun park, it's more then you think it is...
44.8550, -93.2421
Austin, Minnesota

Spam Museum

Ever wanted to can Spam?
43.6666, -92.9746
View of south side of museum.
Kansas City, Missouri

World's Largest Shuttlecocks

Four 18-foot-tall badminton shuttlecocks lie scattered about the lawn of a Kansas City museum
39.0451, -94.5810
(Flickr/Trip Deezil)
Alexandria, Minnesota

Kensington Runestone

14th century Norse artifacts in Northwestern Minnesota could have proved a Viking landing before Columbus
45.8843, -95.3740
At the top of the pages you can see the hand-illuminated details.
St. Joseph, Minnesota

The St. John's Bible

The first hand-illuminated, hand-written bible since the invention of the printing press
45.5798, -94.3912