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Hull, Massachusetts

Georges Island

Civil War Fort on an island in the Boston Harbor
42.3200, -70.9287
The Witch Bonney
Lowell, Massachusetts

The Mysterious Witch Bonney

The Mysterious Witch Bonney, a haunted statue in an old industrial city
42.6285, -71.2927
Typical Boston gravestones showing the winged death head
Boston, Massachusetts

Boston's Old Burying Grounds

Macabre headstones carved with winged skulls, dancing skeletons, and pithy reminders of impending death
42.3573, -71.0613
Helpful hints in stone
Gloucester, Massachusetts

Dogtown & Babson Boulder Trail

A New England ghost town features a trail of boulders etched with intriguing life lessons
42.6364, -70.6611
Devil's Icebox. (Creative Commons)
Columbia, Missouri

Devil's Icebox

Curious cave that stays a cool 56 degrees all year long
38.8819, -92.3289
Birth Home of Bette Davis
Lowell, Massachusetts

Bette Davis House

The birth home of one of cinema's legendary actresses
42.6342, -71.3360
Gryphon sculpture by Paul Manship
Ipswich, Massachusetts

Crane Mansion on Castle Hill

Palatial mansion estate used in films including "Flowers in the Attic" and "The Witches of Eastwick"
42.6854, -70.7797
Close up of some of the crowded and near-illegible accusation
Milford, New Hampshire

Caroline Cutter Headstone

A New Hampshire grave with a grudge
42.8353, -71.6541
Front of Witch Rock
Rochester, Massachusetts

Witch Rock

Haunted boulder in a front yard with a witch painted on it
41.7263, -70.8403
Gould House, where the small Monson museum is
Milford, New Hampshire

Monson, New Hampshire

The ghost town that was one of New Hampshire's first settlements now exists as a park detailing its history
42.7856, -71.6199
Brookline, New Hampshire

Andres Institute of Art and Sculpture Garden

Over 60 sculptures from artists all over the world decorate the hiking trails surrounding this locale
42.7289, -71.6639
Hull, Massachusetts

The Murder Holes of Fort Warren

Civil War-era Fort designed to withstand invasion and attack, with tricky traps called "murder holes"
42.3205, -70.9276
Hull, Massachusetts

Classic WWII Chapel

Last church of this militaristic WWII style
42.2952, -70.9352
Quincy, Massachusetts

Lover’s Rock of Lovells Island

A disastrous shipwreck and a tragic love story
42.3167, -70.9681
Huts on Georges Island
Hull, Massachusetts

Hut of Refuge

Hut with supplies for shipwreck survivors
42.3258, -70.9256
Hull, Massachusetts

Fort Standish

Ruins of a fort include a staircase that leads up to the sky
42.3298, -70.9276
Albert C. Burrage (1859-1931)
Hull, Massachusetts

Burrage Hospital Ruins

The remains of a hospital ravaged by fire, once a progressive place of innovations for disabled children
42.2807, -70.8995
Weymouth, Massachusetts

Grape Island Straw Alarm

Site of an oft forgotten and revolutionary battle
42.2676, -70.9239
Boston, Massachusetts

Faneuil Hall

A former waterfront market is now in the center of town due to some interesting Boston engineering
42.3600, -71.0562
The golden grasshopper weathervane attracts attention from locals and visitors alike
Boston, Massachusetts

Faneuil Hall Weathervane

An interesting decoration on this historic site, this weathervane comes with as many legends as it does questions
42.3601, -71.0560
Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Tea Kettle

This massive tea kettle was once a promotional stunt for the Oriental Teashop
42.3593, -71.0592
Locks on the Pont des Arts
Paris, France

Paris Padlocks of Love

The celebrated eyesore created by starry-eyed sweethearts
48.8566, 2.3522
Madame Sherri's Castle
Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Madame Sherri's Castle

The former home of a Gatsby-like bon vivant is now a lovely ruin
42.8622, -72.5275
The farm of Robert Frost
Derry, New Hampshire

Robert Frost Farm

Former abode of notable poet, complete with literary references and stories of ghosts
42.8637, -71.2888