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Los Angeles, California

Watts Towers

America's most famous piece of self-built architecture
33.9393, -118.2610
Budapest, Hungary

The Holy Right

Mummified holy right fist of a 1,000-year-old Saint-king
47.5007, 19.0535
The center square of Pripyat, once home for 50,000 people. After 22 years of neglect, nature has started to seep through the concrete
Pryp'yat', Ukraine

Chernobyl's Ghost Cities

The abandoned towns left by the worst nuclear disaster of all time are filling back up with wildlife
51.4061, 30.0578
Belgrade, Serbia

Ruins of Yugoslav Army Headquarters

Destroyed Serbian army headquarters sits half crumbled in a largely revitalized Belgrade
44.8056, 20.4612
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most

Bridge that died in war and was resurected
43.3371, 17.8148
Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Monastery of the Caves and Microminiature Museum

This 1000 year old relic-filled cave monastery and UNESCO World Heritage Site also hosts an amazing micro-miniature museum
50.4342, 30.5592
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Oriental bazaar in the heart of Sarajevo
43.8591, 18.4310
Bunker in Albania countryside.
Elbasan County, Albania

Bunkers of Albania

Hundreds of thousands of concrete bunkers crowd Albania long after the fall of Communism
41.1533, 20.1683
Budapest, Hungary

Terror Háza

Museum dedicated to the terror regimes of Hungary
47.5068, 19.0653
Club 33 Entrance
Anaheim, California

Disneyland's Club 33

The hidden jewel of Disneyland: a members only playground for the Disney elite
33.8118, -117.9195
Pristina, Serbia

Public Library in Pristina

Futuristic library in Kosovo and Metohija cultural center
42.6724, 21.1645
Kiev, Ukraine

Mother Motherland

340-foot statue built to honour the Heroes of the Soviet Union
50.4501, 30.5234
Tirana, Albania

Tirana's Colorful Facade

What happens when you cross a mayor and a painter?
41.3260, 19.8160
Los Angeles, California


Established in the 60s, a family-owned tropical drink bar founded by Ray Buehn, bartender to the stars
34.0975, -118.2858