Anniston Museum

A natural history museum with an extensive collection of bird dioramas


The Anninston Natural History Museum holds one of the oldest taxidermy collections in the United States, created by H. Severn Regan in 1930 with a donation of over 1000 birds, nests and eggs arranged in dioramas.

Today, the museum has over 400 species of birds on display. Of special interest is the museum's collection of passenger pigeons (Ectopistes migratorius). Formerly one of the most common birds in North America, passenger pigeons could once be seen in migratory flocks a mile wide and 300 miles long, containing upwards of a billion birds. There are tales of pigeon swarms darkening the skies for days at a time. Due to wide-scale commercial hunting and deforestation, the passenger pigeon is today extinct, but it and several other extinct species are still preserved in this small natural history museum.

  • Address
    800 Museum Drive, Anniston, Alabama, 36201, United States
  • Cost
    $4.50/Adult; $3.50/Child (ages 4-17); Free for children 3 and younger. Discounts for Seniors, AAA members, and active military.
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Extinct species in the historic bird collection at the Anniston Museum of Natural History Include
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Anniston Museum of Natural History is located in Lagarde Park, Anniston, Alabama, at the junction of Highways 431 and 21. From Interstate 20, exit 185, 7 miles north on Highway 21.

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