MIT Museum: Arthur Ganson

Bouncing, delightful, mechanical art at the MIT Museum


Housed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a permanent collection of wondrous and playful machines from MIT's former artist in residence, Arthur Ganson.

Some of Ganson's wonderful machines bounce endlessly, others oil themselves, others perform mysterious tasks without explanation. Of particular interest is the sculpture in which a tiny wishbone must, Sisyphus-like, forever drag an enormous machine around behind him.

  • Address
    265 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02115, United States
  • Cost
    Adults: $8.50 Students/Youth: $4 Seniors: $4 Children under 5: free
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The main building of the MIT Museum is located at 265 Massachusetts Ave. near Central Square and the MIT Campus. There are other changing exhibits at in nearby buildings.

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