Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store

The one-stop shop for all of your superhero (or evil arch-nemesis) needs


The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store is exactly what it sounds like...

...or is it?

The store stocks all manner of eccentric equipment and merchandise for a crime-fighting customer base. From canned cyclones to Mylar force fields and, of course, capes and spandex, this store has everything a hero needs. Villains may also find this fast becoming their favorite one-stop shopping location, as the store also stocks tools that cater to a less savory crowd, including mind-readers, particle guns and bottled black holes.

The shop is more than meets the eye, however, as behind a false bookcase there is a secret lair that plays host to an after-school student writing center co-founded by best-selling writer Dave Eggers.

All profits from the store, which is run by volunteers, benefit the students at the writing center. Some of the published works of the students are available in the store's "manuals" section.

  • Address
    372 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11215, United States
  • Cost
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Accessible from the D,N,R Trains at 9th Street Station or the F,G Trains at 4th Avenue Station
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