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Ivory Coast

Crocodile House

Living inside a fearsome reptile in the Ivory Coast 

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Thierry Atta is now fully moved into his new home. Situated in the midst of Abidjan, the former capital of the Ivory Coast, the architect's home is actually a massive and grotesquely-smiling crocodile, completely hollowed out to create a living space inside of the reptile structure.

Completed in 2008, the crocodile was actually the work of artist Moussa Kalo, who sadly died only two months before it was completed. As an apprentice of Kalo, Atta moved into the work the men had created, and has since made the crocodile his home. Including windows and a bed, the strange concrete house is completely livable, and is a joy to many people in the neighborhood who stop by the courtyard to smile and play by the eccentric home.

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