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Williams, Oregon

Reames Arborsmith Studios

A botanic garden full of trees twisted into fantastic shapes and positions 

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Self-titled arborsculptor Richard Reames grows and shapes tree trunks using the ancient arts of grafting, framing, bending and pruning. Reames believes that his living arborsculptures could one day replace many of the things that trees are typically killed to make.

Gazebos, tables, chairs, spiral staircases, benches, entrance arches, bridges and fences represent just a small portion of Reames's imaginative vision of a world built entirely of living trees. He is currently growing a living tree house 15 feet off the ground. He has spelled out love in apple trees. Author of two books on the subject, Reames teaches and lectures worldwide.

On Obscura Day, March 20th 2010, Reames opened up the normally private Arborsmith Studio and showing visitors the techniques he uses to create living sculpture out of trees.

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