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Fayetteville, Georgia

Elvis Carden's Guitar House

Giant instrument-shaped home in Fayetteville, Georgia 

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From the aerial pictures of the home, it seems too unbelievable to be true. Just off the road near Fayetteville, Georgia is a massive house, shaped exactly like a guitar. Not only guitar-shaped, but designed to the specifications of a country-western singer that needed a home that would inspire his music and make his passion obvious to all passerby.

Built by singer Elvis Carden, the home was constructed over a period of 16 years, and is apparently in great need of restoration. For the last five years, the house has periodically appeared on real estate websites, much to the shock of home-buyers looking for something more traditional. While it may not inspire anyone in the real estate market, his home and muse seemed to work for Carden; one of his albums is named "Living in an Old Guitar," and he is currently signed to a record label called Guitar House Records.

Prospective country singers in need of inspiration can make the guitar house their own for $160,000, and the costs of a complete tune-up.

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