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Whistler, British Columbia

The Mushroom House

Home inspired by the crystal rock formation of the Emerald Estates 

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The Mushroom House in Whistler, Canada, is the result of 22 years of work by artist/creator Zube. "The interior design is based on the anatomy of a tree," one real estate blog for the area boasts. "All aspects of the décor reflect this motif, from the womblike hues of the Jacuzzi room in the 'roots' to the vivid leaf greens on the walls in the 'canopy.'”

The Mushroom House basks in pure sunlight. The external design of The Mushroom House was inspired by the glacial rock formations found in Emerald Estates. As the home took shape, fascinated onlookers dubbed it The Hobbit House, Bedrock, and finally, The Mushroom House.

This unique house was completed in 2002 and features mosaic floors, an amazing stonework fireplace, stained glass windows, and unobstructed views of Wedge and Armchair Mountains.

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