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Rye, Colorado

Bishop Castle

The largest self-built castle in the US
38.0610, -105.0942
Custer, South Dakota

Crazy Horse Memorial

The world's largest mountain carving could fit all of Mount Rushmore inside it many times over
43.8368, -103.6244
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most

Bridge that died in war and was resurected
43.3371, 17.8148
Spruce Tree House - March 2010
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park

The ancient dwellings of the Puebloans, carved into the cliffs of majestic mesas
37.1838, -108.4887
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bruce Lee Sculpture of Mostar

The sad remains of a monument to martial arts legend and movie star Bruce Lee—in the middle of Balkans
43.3422, 17.8039
Palaeovespa florissantia, a fossil wasp, forms the logo for Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. (Wikimedia Commons)
Divide, Colorado

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Biggest source of fossilized insects anywhere
38.9428, -105.1727
Denver, Colorado

Cheesman Park

Downtown park built on top of unclaimed graves
39.7321, -104.9666
Blue Mustang
Denver, Colorado

Blue Mustang

The Denver airport is guarded by a 32-foot-tall sculpture of a demonic horse.
39.8495, -104.6739
Tucson, Arizona

Valley of the Moon

The Magical World of George Phar Legler
32.2750, -110.9340
Alamosa, Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

When eco-systems collide in the arid southwest
37.7360, -105.6390
Dripping Springs, Texas

Hamilton Pool

An emerald-green grotto just a short trip from Austin
30.3423, -98.1271
Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower

The first declared National Monument in the United States
44.5904, -104.7147
Villa Grove, Colorado

Valley View Hot Springs

Community owned and operated, this property is home to a diverse set of nudists
38.2486, -105.9487
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods

Strange red rock formations that have been attributed to a higher power for hundreds of years
38.8784, -104.8698
An ariel view of Lake Travis
Austin, Texas

The Sometimes Islands

Some islands...they come, they go, especially on Lake Travis
30.4019, -97.8915