Total Eclipse: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Festival of Science, Music, and Celestial Wonder. August 19–21, 2017 in Eastern Oregon.
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Alba Fucens, Thermal Complex
Alba, Italy

Alba Fucens

Ever loyal to Roma, the small village of Albe in the Abruzzo region carried on until an earthquake did it in
42.0815, 13.4089
The Warrior of Capestrano
Chieti, Italy

The Warrior of Capestrano

One of the earliest relics of Italian art is this ornately equipped stone soldier
42.3479, 14.1636
Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio
Rome, Italy

Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio

More sculpture than building, this architecturally significant temple was built on the spot of Saint Peter's crucifixion
41.8886, 12.4665
Scrovegni Chapel
Padua, Italy

Scrovegni Chapel

Built to repay the sins of the father, this church is home to one of the most valuable works of Western art
45.4117, 11.8791
Castel del Monte
Andria, Italy

Castel del Monte

Geometry and mystery come together in an epic show of octagonal masonry
41.2252, 16.2909
Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum
Rome, Italy

Hendrik Christian Andersen House Museum

The former home of an Italian artist is now a shrine to his ambitious works
41.9140, 12.4726
Turkish Steps in Agrigento
Realmonte, Italy

Scala dei Turchi

"Stairs of the Turks", a chalky white cliff eroded conveniently into stairs, allowing for easy pillaging
37.2931, 13.4712
Sacrario Militare del Monte Grappa
Treviso, Italy

Sacrario Militare del Monte Grappa

This military mausoleum captures the solemn grandeur that most memorials only aspire to
45.8705, 11.7998
Ruins of Galeria
Rome, Italy

Natural Monument of Galeria Antica

An Italian ghost town that fought obscurity, until a mysterious illness brought it to its knees
42.0248, 12.3000
La Zisa
Palermo, Italy

La Zisa

This Arabesque Italian castle was built with a primitive, if ingenious, air-conditioning system
38.1169, 13.3411
The apse with the Christ Pantocrator.
Palermo, Italy

Cappella Palatina

Every inch of this chapel is covered in craftsmanship from across the world
38.1106, 13.3535
Recovered Nemi Ship.
Nemi, Italy

Nemi Ships

Caligula's colossal pleasure ships, discovered by Mussolini only to be lost in flames
41.7197, 12.7149
The artists grave.
Possagno, Italy

Tempio Canoviano

This artistic temple brings together multiple architecture styles, but is only an example of one
45.8547, 11.8829
The vaulted gallery of plaster models.
Possagno, Italy

Museo Canova

The home of a neoclassical master is now a shrine to his chosen art style
45.8519, 11.8750
Cretto di Gibellina
Sicily, Italy

Cretto di Gibellina

Leveled by an earthquake, this Italian village is now preserved as a concrete art project
37.7882, 12.9714
Via Bernardo Celentano, the "Little London", The two unmatching buildings on Via del Vignola.
Rome, Italy

The "Little London"

A modern sliver of architecture in Roma
41.9249, 12.4690
Stromboli, Italy

Stromboli Island

A volcanic old faithful, Stromboli has been erupting continuously for the last 2000 years
38.7869, 15.2131
Florence, Italy

Ospedale degli Innocenti (Hospital of the Innocents)

Renaissance hospital featuring a rotating door into which unwanted babies were dropped.
43.7763, 11.2612
A bather relaxes in front of a waterfall (Flickr/candido33)
Saturnia, Italy

Terme di Saturnia

Geothermal waterfalls in Tuscany
42.6635, 11.5061
The Monsters of Bomarzo
Bomarzo, Italy

The Monsters of Bomarzo

A 16th-century horror show built in a lovely Italian garden
42.4871, 12.2504
Calcata Vecchia, Italy


Medieval town turned hippie commune, once home to the secret foreskin of Jesus Christ
42.2167, 12.4167
Naples, Italy

Catacombs of San Gennaro

Underground paleo-Christian burial site, composed of the remains of several cemeteries and Basilicas
40.8653, 14.2469
Ruins of the temple of Veii, reconstructed.
Rome, Italy


Rome's ancient Etruscan rival, now a park full of ruins.
42.0196, 12.3932
Pyramid of Cestius
Rome, Italy

Pyramid of Cestius

The only "Egyptian" pyramid in Europe and the legendary tomb of Remus
41.8766, 12.4809