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May 6

Pullman, Washington

The Junk Castle

A home made entirely from scrapped, reclaimed and recycled material in Whitman County, Washington 

For a lot of artists, the 60s was a time of experimentation and deviation from the norm. It certainly was for former art teacher Victor Moore, who saw this period in his life as the perfect time to start building his Junk Castle.

Having just married Bobbie Moore, the couple decided to move into this obscure abode shortly after their marriage. Together he and his wife dedicated countless hours to making additions to their new, strange home.

The small castle sits perched on a hill with windows made out of the glass from washing machine doors and old car windows. The exterior is built from a broad array of junk including old auto-body parts, reclaimed sheet metal, household appliance parts, and various other materials that Victor assembled in his workshop and studio.

Victor and his wife recently sold this arrangement of junk that they called “home” and it is now being pushed by Junk Castle enthusiasts to be declared a historical landmark.

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