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Betty and Barney Hill Archive

University of New Hampshire holds the documentation and artifacts of local alien abductees. 


On the night of September 19th and on into the early morning of September 20th in 1961, husband and wife Barney and Betty Hill were traveling South on Route 3 to their home in Portsmouth, NH, after vacationing in Montreal when, according to their story, they were followed by a spaceship and eventually accosted, kidnapped, examined, and then released by its extraterrestrial crew.

In 2009, the Betty and Barney Hill archive was donated to the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The archive includes letters and personal journals from the Hills, audio tapes and transcripts of their hypnosis sessions, essays, newspaper clippings, reports, photographs, artwork, drawings by the Hills of the space ship, and even artifacts from that surreal night such as the dress Betty Hill wore, a swatch of which had been cut off and set for analysis of pink powdery substance that she found on it..

In 2009, the archive went on temporary public display in the library in the Milne Special Collection and Archives Department. Adapted with Permission from: The New England Grimpendium by J.W. Ocker

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