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Atlas Obscura celebrates the world's hidden places and unique stories. Join the thousands of members who directly support this mission with a recurring donation of at least $5 per month.


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“I learn, I enjoy, I broaden my horizons with the curiosity you inspire. So happy to become a member and hope to keep exploring the world with Atlas Obscura. You do a great job to make life more interesting!”

—Jennifer, Atlas Obscura Member

“I've appreciated Atlas Obscura because it gives me the opportunity to see wonder and adventure in places I didn't think to look. Even before the pandemic, when the snow was higher than my car and the roads inaccessible, it creates a break in seeing the world beyond the snow covered trees.”

—Heidi, Atlas Obscura Member

“When you suggested becoming a member, I realized how greatly I appreciate what you have created. I would be disheartened if Atlas Obscura ceased to exist. What you have produced has continually intrigued.”

—Rick, Atlas Obscura Member


What is the difference between contribution amounts?

As long as you contribute at least $5 / month or $50 / year, all members receive the same perks no matter the contribution amount. We graciously accept as much as you can afford to give.

Can I donate to support Atlas Obscura without becoming a member?

Yes! We welcome donations of any size. You can submit a one-time donation online.

Are Atlas Obscura articles still accessible to non-members?

Yes! Our editorial content will remain free and accessible to everyone.

How do I redeem my $100 trip credit?

After booking your Atlas Obscura trip, send an email to and we’ll provide instructions for applying the credit. Note that the credit applies to your final payment, not your deposit, so please email us prior to making your final payment.

How do I change the billing information associated with my membership?

Memberships automatically renew monthly or annually. If you need to update your billing information please visit your profile and click "Manage Billing".

How do I cancel my membership?

You are free to cancel your membership at any time. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer full or prorated refunds once you have been charged. To cancel, visit your profile and click "Manage Billing".

I have another question.

No problem, just email us at We’d love to hear from you.

Your support of Atlas Obscura does not constitute a charitable donation, and your contribution is not eligible for a tax deduction. Our membership program is designed to connect our community and sustain Atlas Obscura’s mission to inspire wonder and curiosity.

Members will be subscribed to a members-only mailing list. This is to let you know when member events are happening, how to access new features before anyone else, and other announcements related to being a member. You’ll also receive emails from our payment processor Stripe regarding your payment, including invoices and renewal notices. Your email address and personal information will never be given to anyone for any purpose.

*The $100 trip credit applies to the final payment, not the deposit, and is limited to one per customer.