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Kelpius Cave in Philadelphia.
Nov 16
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cults at The Convent: Philadelphia and Beyond

Surrender your individuality as we explore various cult movements peripherally and directly connected to Philadelphia.
Nov 17
Pasadena, California

San Andreas Scavenger Hunt

Discover the signs of Southern California's most threatening earthquake fault, hidden in plain view.
Nov 17
Columbia City, Washington

Studio Tour: Bespoke Shoemaking

Visit industrial designer and shoemaker Michael Barakat in his studio to learn about the art of shoemaking.
 Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
Nov 17
Los Angeles, California

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

A celebration of life, death, architecture, and the patron saint of Los Angeles.
Littleton Cemetery.
Nov 17
Littleton, Colorado

Littleton Cemetery History and Symbolism Tour

Discover pioneers, secret symbols, and cannibals in Littleton's oldest cemetery.
RiNo Graffiti 1
Nov 17

The Alleys of RiNo

Dig into the intersection of history, art, and culture through Denver's unique murals, graffiti, and street art.
Bob Baker Marionette Theater
17 - 18
Los Angeles, California

Sleepover at Bob Baker Marionette Theater

A marvelous marionette experience and a peek behind the red velvet curtain...OVERNIGHT!
One of the city's most fascinating cemeteries
Nov 18
Chicago, Illinois

Rosehill Cemetery Walk

Take a stroll through history in Chicago's largest cemetery.
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