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Ivory Puzzle Ball.
Feb 16
Elmhurst, Illinois

Under Pressure: Volcanoes and the Birth of the World’s Most Precious Stones

Join us for an interactive lecture on volcanoes led by a geologist from the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art.
Buckhorn Exchange
Feb 16
Denver, Colorado

Drinking History Tour of Denver

Join us for a historic bar crawl featuring three of Denver's most unusual and iconic locations.
Ruins of the St. Francis Dam.
17 - 23
Santa Clarita, California

The St. Francis Dam Disaster

Hike the ruins of the dam that took 400 lives and ended the career of William Mulholland.
The grave of cult leader Mirra Mita
Feb 21
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cults at Sphinx & Snakeskin: Philadelphia and Beyond

Surrender your individuality as we explore various cult movements peripherally and directly connected to Philadelphia.
Homeboy Electronics Recycling.
Feb 22
Los Angeles, California

Trash Transformation

Explore two places where waste is collected, then remade into treasures.
Bardahl sign and headquarters.
Feb 22
Seattle, Washington

Inside Bardahl: A Guided Tour

Explore the headquarters of this automotive empire and meet legendary race car driver Al Young.
Steve Ainsworth - expert in death investigation.
Feb 22
Boulder, Colorado

The Art of Solving a Cold Case

Indulge your inner detective and learn how cold cases are solved!
A vintage party takes a deadly twist.
Feb 22
Chicago, Illinois

Murder Mystery Soiree

Whodunnit? A Prohibition-era murder mystery for the ages!
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