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New York Academy of Medicine Rare Book Room.
Jan 17
New York, New York

New York Academy of Medicine's Rare Book Room: Plague and Pestilence

Discover the fascinating written history of plague and human diseases through an after-hours exploration of the Academy's incredible collection of rare medical textbooks and manuscripts.
Explorer's Club.
Jan 18
New York, New York

Excursion to the Explorers Club

Behind the closed doors of this legendary clubhouse awaits a treasure trove of artifacts collected over a century of expeditions to the far corners of the earth (and beyond).
Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant.
Jan 19
Van Nuys, California

Sci-Fi Sewage Sanctuary

Tour a water recycling plant better known as Starfleet Academy, and the Japanese garden it irrigates with sewage water.
Graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee.
Jan 19
Seattle, Washington

Lake View Cemetery Walking Tour

Join us for a walking tour of Lake View Cemetery. Learn about the history of the cemetery, the stories of our city's founders and famous residents, and other Seattle legends as we visit various monuments.
Murphy Ranch.
Jan 20
Los Angeles, California

Murphy Ranch Hike

Investigate the mysteries of Murphy Ranch, the alleged National Socialist commune deep in the wilds of Rustic Canyon.
Civil War soldier with a guitar and one leg.
Jan 20
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Cut It Off! An Amputation Demonstration

Watch as a skilled medical historian amputates a (model) leg using Civil War-era surgical tools at the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office.
Blood Moon in the sky.
Jan 20
Los Angeles, California

Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Adventure

Experience a total lunar eclipse up close and personal with the experts from SkiesAway.
Blaeu guiana.
Jan 23
Denver, Colorado

Enter the World of Mythological Maps

From mythical islands to legendary kingdoms, imaginary mountains to nonexistent rivers, join us to explore cartography myths!
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