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International Museum of Surgical Science.
Jul 16

Empty Bottle Presents Music for The Never Quartet at the International Museum of Surgical Science

Join legendary Chicago producers Empty Bottle for an evening of Michael Morley's unusual instruments in a most unusual location.
Merz Apothecary.
Jul 18
Chicago, Illinois

The Stories Behind the Scents

Explore your senses with an evening of niche fragrances and perfumery at Chicago’s oldest apothecary.
Archie McPhee building.
Jul 19
Seattle, Washington

After Hours at Archie McPhee

Explore the whimsical world of a Seattle institution with Archie McPhee founder Mark Pahlow.
Old Joliet Prison.
Jul 20
Joliet, Illinois

Old Joliet Prison Tour: History and Hollywood

Trace the footsteps of inmates, guards, wardens, and, yes, movie stars on this tour of a 160-year-old suburban Chicago prison.
Historic photo of the Octagon House from the late 1880s.
Jul 20
Washington, D.C.

A Skeptic’s Guide to D.C.’s 'Haunted' Octagon House

Step inside the iconic 19th century home to learn the truth behind the spooky legends.
Anatomical tools of yesteryear.
Jul 20

The Return of Dissecting History at The Legacy Center

Spend an afternoon exploring the secretive and sometimes sordid world of 19th century anatomical dissection at two historic Philadelphia medical schools.
The gallery space.
Jul 20
Los Angeles, California

A Hidden Repository of Curious Craft

Gain access to a largely secret gallery where junk materials are reincarnated as wondrous sculptures.
Mysterious Chicago.
Jul 20
Chicago, Illinois

Architecture of Mysterious Chicago

Author Adam Selzer highlights the histories and unsolved mysteries of the city's landmarks.
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