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Historic photo of the Octagon House from the late 1880s.
Apr 20
Washington, D.C.

A Skeptic’s Guide to D.C.’s 'Haunted' Octagon House

Step inside this 19th century home to learn the truth behind the spooky legends.
"The Ale-House Door," by Henry Singleton, c. 1790.
Apr 20
Alexandria, Virginia

On the Trail of D.C.'s First Brewmaster

Walk in the footsteps of the District's first brewer, Andrew Wales.
New info has been discovered about Inez.
Apr 20
Chicago, Illinois

Graceland Cemetery Walking Tour

Explore both the celebrated and overlooked histories of Graceland Cemetery.
Apollo Boiler Plate 12.
Apr 20
Downey, California

Cradle of the Cosmic Age

Are you ready for some seriously stellar stuff?
Apr 21
Los Angeles, California

Bohemian Cristal Instrument at Hotel Figueroa

A unique sound experience at a lovely, historic hotel.
Apr 22
New York, New York

Earth Day Mystery Green Tour

Hop on a 5k tour of four incredible green locations in Manhattan, presented by the Earth Day Initiative.
Elkins Room.
Apr 23
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bibliomancy with Shakespeare at The Free Library

We'll employ a magician's wisdom to explore a unique collection of rare Shakespearean texts.
Resurrectionists in the process of digging up a fresh corpse.
Apr 23
Chicago, Illinois

Grave Robbing 101

Tour relics of the old city cemetery and learn all you need to know to launch your career as a 19th-century body snatcher—today!
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