All Places in the Atlas on One Map - Atlas Obscura
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All 14,619 Places in the Atlas on One Map

The definitive map of the world’s extraordinary sights.

Atlas Obscura catalogues the most unusual, surprising, and amazing places around the world, thanks to the discoveries shared by our intrepid community of travelers and explorers. There are now more than 14,600 incredible hidden wonders listed in the Atlas, and we’ve plotted each and every one of them on this interactive map.

The possibilities are vast, from the Icelandic witchcraft museum to the tree goats of Morocco, to Galileo’s middle finger, to the Skeleton Lake of India and thousands of other architectural oddities, natural wonders, catacombs and crypts, and unique collections across the world’s continents and oceans.

Start exploring, and see what rabbit holes you may stumble down. And if you know of an incredible place that we missed, you can add it to the Atlas here!