Why Does This Sea Glow in the Dark? | Untold Earth - Atlas Obscura

Why Does This Sea Glow in the Dark? | Untold Earth

From Aristotle to Darwin, humankind’s efforts to understand bioluminescence span thousands of years. It is one of the oldest fields of scientific study, and researchers today know a great deal about how it works, but mysteries remain. In this episode of Untold Earth we get in the water with the bioluminescent algae of the Salish Sea of the Pacific Northwest. What is it about this place that inspires such obsession?

Explore the seeming impossibilities behind our planet’s strangest, most unique natural wonders in Untold Earth, a new series from Atlas Obscura, in partnership with Nature and PBS Digital Studios. From fragile, untouched ecosystems to familiar but unexplained occurrences in our own backyards, this series chases insight into natural phenomena through the voices of those who know them best. 

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