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Discover the Tuscan Olive Trees Growing in California

California's McEvoy Ranch is like no other ranch in the state. Since the early 1990s, its farmers have been growing olives that actually got their start in Italy. The ranch's original owner had a deep love for Italian olive oil and was so determined to make the same flavors available right on her own property that she had trees imported from Tuscany. The young trees were incubated for a number of years and flourished once planted in the terrain that many know only for its vineyards. McEvoy Ranch is located in the Petaluma Gap, a microclimate known for varied soil and unique wind patterns. While the region is commonly associated with wine production, it also provides the perfect conditions needed for growing olives.

For one Atlas Obscura reader, olive oil has taken on a deeper meaning throughout her travels. On this road trip, Bobbi Frankel returns to the place where she first purchased the olive trees that she now uses to make her own olive oil. 

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