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Unusual Attractions in India

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Cool Places to Eat & Drink in India

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Stories About India

One of Kanha Tiger Reserve's revered residents: Conservation scientists are studying how villagers near the Central Indian park coexist with the big cats.

An Ancient 'Tiger God' Helps Communities and Big Cats Coexist in India

Across the central and western parts of the country, reverence for the deity translates to tolerance for predators.
Likuma Sarma, a renowned mobile theater actor, does her makeup before taking the stage.

Assam’s Unique Mobile Drama Tradition Takes the Stage in a Changing World

These inventive traveling theater troupes were contending with shifting tastes even before the pandemic.
A macaque at the Galtaji temple complex.

Can India Solve Its Macaque Conundrum With Contraception?

The science of controlling marauding, sacred monkeys, from the new book by best-selling author Mary Roach.
A stand selling the snack in Bangalore.

The Mysterious Street Snack That Has Baffled Botanists for Decades

Even DNA tests have yet to confirm its identity.
Prabhat Touring Talkies brings a film to a Maharashtra town two hours' drive from the nearest permanent cinema.

Are These the Last Days of India’s Touring Tent Cinemas?

Once a major part of rural life, these traveling pictures shows were struggling even before the pandemic.
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