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The “Ocean Siren” changes color in real time—from dark blue to dark red—as the water temperature fluctuates.

This Sculpture Is a Mood Ring for the Great Barrier Reef

An artist talks about his environmentally responsive artwork—the first installation in an underwater museum at the intersection of coral and culture.
These four 98-foot-tall silos in Thallon, Queensland, took Brisbane artists Joel Fergie (aka The Zookeeper) and Travis Vinson (aka Drap) three weeks to paint.

Painted Silos Are Turning the Outback Into an Alfresco Art Gallery

Can these unlikely bursts of beauty refresh Australia’s parched rural towns too?
A bird in the hand: Part of the "Bayshore Drive Lighthouse" sculpture takes wing.

The Charmed Second Life of Australia's Cursed 'Disco Dong'

The sculpture was loathed as a public-art installation. Now its 4,000 aluminum birds are treasured in private collections.

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