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A bird in the hand: Part of the "Bayshore Drive Lighthouse" sculpture takes wing.

The Charmed Second Life of Australia's Cursed 'Disco Dong'

The sculpture was loathed as a public-art installation. Now its 4,000 aluminum birds are treasured in private collections.
Gunditjmara people started building this elaborate aquaculture system before the construction of Egypt's oldest pyramids.

Australian Wildfires Uncovered Hidden Sections of a Huge, Ancient Aquaculture System

The Gunditjmara have been building an eel-farming system at the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape for more than 6,000 years.
The Tasmanian devil, a talisman of Australian wildlife, was catalogued and illustrated by John and Elizabeth Gould in the mid-19th century, then rendered as a lithograph by H.C. Richter.

See Australian Fauna in These Audubon-esque Illustrations

The 19th-century lithographs document a unique biodiversity that’s slipping away.

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