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Glasgow, Scotland

Ibrox Stadium

Home to one of the most popular teams in Scottish football history.
Melbourne, Australia

Pastor Sir Douglas & Lady Gladys Nicholls Memorial

This 2008 memorial commemorates two leading Aboriginal Australian rights activists.
Davenport, Australia

Wycliffe Well

The UFO capital of Australia is the outback’s answer to Roswell.
Subiaco, Australia

Bishop Rosendo Salvado Statue

Dedicated to the founder of "New Norcia."
Sydney, Australia

Robert Burns Statue

A statue of a Scottish cultural icon in central Sydney.
Kew, Australia

Villa Alba Museum

Inside this historical home are two panoramic murals of Sydney Harbour and Edinburgh.
Frenchman Bay, Australia

Albany's Historic Whaling Station

Home to the last shore-based whaling station in Australia.
Mount Macedon, Australia

Mount Macedon Memorial Cross

A tribute to the fallen of World War I now honors all who have lost their lives to war.
Nhill, Australia

Nhill Draught Horse Memorial

Dedicated to one of the horses that helped cultivate the region.
Edrom, Australia

Boyd's Tower

Once a welcome symbol for maritime travelers entering Edrom.
Melbourne, Australia

Foy & Gibson Factory

The Collingwood production facility for a department store that was among the largest and earliest in Australia.
Penong, Australia

Lake Macdonnell

This salt lake was a former mine site and now attracts visitors for its remarkable pink colors.
Fitzroy, Australia

'Mr Poetry'

A tribute to local poet and music journalist Adrian Rawlins.
Maldon, Australia

Mount Tarrengower Lookout Tower

A timber transport car and a team of horses were needed to carry this lookout to the top of Mount Tarrengower in the 1920s.
Wudinna, Australia

'Australian Farmer'

A representation of the region's rich agrarian history.
Norseman, Australia

Tin Camel Roundabout

A tribute to the role camels played in the region's industrial development.
Leeuwin, Australia

Water Wheel - Cape Leeuwin

This water wheel turned to stone in a matter of decades.
Sale, Australia

La Trobe Swing Bridge

The La Trobe Swing Bridge was the first movable bridge constructed in Victoria.
Albany, Australia

'Brig Amity'

A replica of an early 19th-century vessel that sailed across the world.
Nullarbor, Australia

Old Nullarbor Roadhouse

This restored station garage allows visitors to step back in time at this remote outpost on the Nullarbor Plain.
Bickley, Australia

Perth Observatory

The oldest observatory in West Australia.
Bicheno, Australia

Wauba Debar’s Grave

The burial place of this Tasmanian Aboriginal woman is a memorial that remembers the atrocities of colonialism.
Myrtleford, Australia

The Phoenix Tree

The trunk and roots of a river red gum tree were used to create this art piece.
Semaphore, Australia

Semaphore Time Ball Tower

This stone tower was built in the late 19th century to signal the time to ships in the water.