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Boiler Tube Slot Canyon

This unique art installation used boiler tubes from a decommissioned power plant to resemble Antelope Canyon. 


In 2019, when employees of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) were asked to come up with a project to memorialize the power plant that was soon to be decommissioned, they chose to create an art installation using boiler tubes that resemble Antelope Canyon. After the power plant was demolished, a number of 25-foot reheating tubes were removed from the U3 boiler and hand-painted by employees of the city of Page, Arizona

The art installation stands tall and proud outside of City Hall and commemorates the impact the Navajo Generating Station left on Page and the surrounding area. 

The coal-fired power plant provided electricity not only to Page but to other communities in the Southwest for over 40 years and supplied hundreds of long-term reliable jobs. The art installations’ resemblance to Antelope Canyon honors the local Indigenous culture and can be interpreted as a symbol of the citizens of Page’s new employer, the tourism industry.

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This is a free art installation open to the public. Free parking is available at Page City Hall on 697 Vista Avenue.

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