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Collins Beach UFO Boat

This abandoned boat sits on a nude beach, is shaped like a UFO, and is covered in graffiti. 


This abandoned, graffitied, fang-shaped boat on a Portland nude beach is the perfect destination for those seeking an unusual hiking destination, or a taste of the extraterrestrial. It’s empty and out of commission—just there—a blank canvas for your imagination.

It may seem inhospitable, but the boat actually housed a family for three months in 1973. Conditions weren’t quite as dismal as you might assume, based on the boat’s current appearance. The boat featured a working, if minimalist, kitchen, and electric lighting powered by a generator. But life wasn’t exactly comfortable, with one resident recalling waking up lopsided, with the boat half-raised on land thanks to overnight tidal shifts.

Today, the boat is most notable for its eclectic graffiti and, well, for just being its pretty random self. Intriguing as it is, you’re best off staying outside. Years of neglect or, perhaps, clandestine alien invasions, have caused the floor to be covered in shattered glass.


Know Before You Go

Park at the 2nd or 3rd entrance to Collins Beach and take the immediate trail to the beach area. The UFO boat is stranded up on the beach, among the trees somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd parking areas.  You will not be able to see the boat until you're about 200 feet from it.  Depending on the the water levels, the boat might only be accessible by walking through water.

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