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German Epilepsy Museum

Kehl, Germany

First museum dedicated to the research and history of Epilepsy. 


Tucked modestly inside of the Kork Craft Museum is another one, the peculiar Epilepsy Museum. Established in September 1998, the museum was the first of its kind and its opening corresponded with the colloquium “Epilepsy in Narrative Fiction” in Kehl-Kork. The establishment aims to inform the public on the disease in order to reduce prejudices and give updates on treatments. Exhibitions are presented on a strongly scientific basis as an academic resource.

The Epilepsy Museum also houses a library comprising of 130 rare and modern books dating from the 17th to 20th centuries, ranging from dissertations and scientific articles to literature. There is also a gallery of famous people who suffered from epilepsy including Van Gogh, Dostoyevsky, Napoleon, and Joan of Arc. An interesting part of their website includes various historic treatments for this disease of “1000 names”.

“On the move” is their motto, in which they hope to link the past with the present as well as look into changes for the future.

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