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New Orleans, Louisiana

LaLaurie Mansion

A symbolic piece of New Orleans architecture--and a ghostly legend. 

A classic New Orleans structure, the LaLaurie Mansion comes complete with its own dark legend.

The LaLaurie mansion is an unmistakable piece of New Orleans with its baroque facade, wrought iron balconies and rectangular floor plan. Located on Royal Street in the French Quarter, the mansion is at once striking in its grandeur and right at home amongst the many similar tenements. 

One thing that is unlike the rest of Royal Street, however, is the collection of ghastly rumors that surround the LaLaurie history.

According to local New Orleans lore, a fire in 1834 at the house revealed that Madame LaLaurie kept slaves for her own malicious cruelty and torture. When the firemen entered the house, several slaves were chained up and mutilated.

The mansion still stands today, and remains a place of both beauty and intrigue.