Onieals Grand Street Bar – New York, New York - Atlas Obscura
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Manhattan, New York

Onieals Grand Street Bar

A prohibition era watering hole for the police. 

The building that is now Onieals was in the early part of the century a speakeasy, brothel and gambling parlor. The neighborhood once teeming with affluence, corruption, crime and secrets; so much so that across the street from Onieals was the police headquarters and an underground tunnel connecting the two; where uninformed police officers and city officials would access the speakeasy for some fun with discretion and ease. The tunnel was also used to transport bootlegged booze during prohibition. In the late 80s the police headquarters building was sold and converted into luxury condos. Today part of the tunnel can still be seen and is used as a wine cellar at Onieals.

Know Before You Go

Accessible from 4,6,J,N,Q,Z at Canal Street Station