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Des Plaines

2 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Des Plaines, Illinois

Unusual Attractions in Des Plaines

Explore Des Plaines, Illinois

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Captivating sights await you on the river.
Oct 25
Chicago, Illinois

The Curious Cruise: Haunted History on the Chicago River

Enjoy a scenic yacht cruise along the Chicago River while listening to the strangest (yet true!) stories from the city's past.
Charles Hull owned a tavern when he was 12 years old.
Oct 28
Chicago, Illinois

Rosehill Cemetery Walk

Take a stroll through history in Chicago's largest cemetery.
Discover hidden heroes.
Oct 30
Chicago, Illinois

Ghouls, Gargoyles and Ghost Signs: A Historic and Haunted Scavenger Hunt

Our newest Google-proof scavenger hunt isn’t for the faint of heart.
Fire codes all around the country can be attributed to the terrible theatre fire that engulfed a playhouse on this alley.
Oct 31
Chicago, Illinois

Horror History: Untimely Deaths from Vintage Chicago

Explore the gruesome and surprising ways Chicagoans have met their maker over the years.
The meeting location for the scavenger hunt, the legendary Uptown Theatre.
Nov 3
Chicago, Illinois

Movies, Mystery, and History in Uptown

Discover the fantastic past of Uptown through a scavenger hunt.