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3 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Leavenworth, Washington

Unusual Attractions in Leavenworth

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Ethiopian coffee.
Dec 29
Seattle, Washington

The Original Coffee Break: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Experience an elaborate and immersive Ethiopian coffee ceremony with Milen Medhane of Kaffa Coffee.
Jan 9
Seattle, Washington

Preserving History at the UW Conservation Center

Visit with conservators at the University of Washington's Conservation Center to learn about the technologies involved in preserving rare objects.
Jan 12
Columbia City, Washington

Studio Tour: Bespoke Shoemaking

Visit industrial designer and shoemaker Michael Barakat in his studio to learn about the art of shoemaking.
Design by Jeff Cornell.
Jan 18
Seattle, Washington

Embodying Ritual: The Art of the Tattoo

Go beyond the surface and stereotype of tattoos to explore the history and artistry behind this contemporary practice.
Graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee.
Jan 19
Seattle, Washington

Lake View Cemetery Walking Tour

Join us for a walking tour of Lake View Cemetery. Learn about the history of the cemetery, the stories of our city's founders and famous residents, and other Seattle legends as we visit various monuments.
Archie McPhee building.
Jan 26
Seattle, Washington

After Hours at Archie McPhee

Explore the whimsical world of a Seattle institution with Archie McPhee founder Mark Pahlow.