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9/11 Whale Sculptures

One man's grief over the national tragedy has manifested in a pod of homemade whales on his front lawn. 


Bill Brinson was deeply affected by the tragic events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, saying, “I’m sad that the world is in the situation it’s in. That’s a cowardly way of doing something. I wish the world could come put all of our sources together to help one another.”  

In the years since, Brinson and a group of friends have done just that:  they’ve gathered together to design and craft a place of peace. And whales. Located in the front yard of his home, the memorial consists of four large whale sculptures (named Glory, Hope, Faith, and Grace), a few small pools of water, some smaller barely-surfacing dolphins and a large American flag. The nautical theme might seem a bit odd for a 9/11 memorial in Tallahaassee, but it’s definitely something you will never forget.   

Whales were chosen as the primary focus for the memorial because, as Brinson says, they are known as symbols of recorders of time; symbolically, they are supposed to teach us how to honor the sounds of the universe, how to listen to our emotions and feelings, and how to share pain. 

The sculptures can be viewed from a parking lot across the street. Mr. Brinson also holds a memorial event every year on September 11th. Everyone grieves in their own ways, but this may be the only place where someone is grieving in their own whales. 

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Private home/yard. Can be observed from the parking lot of the church across the street.

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