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Panta Vrechei Canyon

A series of waterfalls create the illusion of perpetual rainfall in this hidden gorge. 


This beautiful 80-meter canyon has hundreds of small waterfalls, giving the illusion of constant rain. The combination of the height of the rocks and the inconsistent flow of the Krikelopotamos River makes visiting hikers feel as though they’re walking through a never-ending shower.

This rare natural phenomenon is the inspiration behind the canyon’s somewhat fanciful name, Panta Vrechei, or ”Always Raining.” On clear-skied days, the reflections of the sun’s rays on the waterfalls’ waters create a setting straight out of a fairy tale. When the light is just right, multitudes of miniature rainbows dart through the canyon. 

Know Before You Go

The canyon is located between the villages of Doliana and Roska. Note that Panta Vrechei is only accessible from June through September each year.

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