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Pyramid on Mount Taygetos

The top of the holy mountain for the ancient Spartans looks like a pyramid—is it man-made or a natural phenomenon?
Skyros, Greece

Vrykolakonisia (Vampire Islands)

The alleged vampires after which these islets are named may have actually been plague victims.
Esgos, Spain

Monasterio de San Pedro de Rocas

An abandoned 6th-century monastery features a medieval map of the known world.
Milos, Greece

Catacombs of Milos

An intricate network of underground tombs carved into volcanic rock.
Rhodes, Greece

Street of the Knights

One of the best-preserved medieval streets in Europe.

Panta Vrechei Canyon

A series of waterfalls create the illusion of perpetual rainfall in this hidden gorge.
Ano Syros, Greece

Catholic Church of Agios Georgios

On top of a hill, this Catholic church overlooks the most Catholic island in Greece.

The Lion of Chaeronea

Τhis feline monument commemorates fallen soldiers on a field that saw many, many battles.
Athens, Greece

Fallen Aviators Monument

This striking sculpture of Icarus honors Greece's fallen flyers.
Athens, Greece

Dromeas (The Runner)

A sharp sculpture made of thousands of pieces of jagged glass.
Leeds, England

Horned Helmet of Henry VIII

The bizarre headgear looks like it was made for a fool, not a king.
Innsbruck, Austria

Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

Devilish masks, handicrafts, and pieces of old buildings create a snapshot of life in a historic Alpine region.
Şehzadeler, Turkey

Manisa Relief

This mysterious cliffside carving of an ancient Hittite deity has baffled scholars for centuries.
Ioannina, Greece


Local lore says two enemy dragons live within these breathtaking mountain lakes.
Athens, Greece

Wax Museum of Andreas Syggros

A grotesque collection of wax limbs depicting the symptoms of venereal disease.
Acharnes, Greece

Tatoi Palace

The abandoned summer estate of the former Greek Royal Family.
Moni Strofadon, Greece

Strofades Monastery

A lonely medieval monastery on an uninhabited island.
Athens, Greece

First Cemetery of Athens

The oldest cemetery of modern-day Athens blends the modern and ancient worlds.
Corfu, Greece

Corfu British Cemetery

The Greek island's old British cemetery feels like a forgotten garden.
Athens, Greece

Magic Sphere of Helios

This mystical orb covered in strange symbols is thought to have been used in ancient Greek magical rituals.