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Corfu British Cemetery

The Greek island's old British cemetery feels like a forgotten garden. 


This lush, garden-like cemetery is a hidden gem within a popular Greek island. It also gives an interesting glimpse at Corfu’s past.

Locals commonly refer to the graveyard as the “English Cemetery” or “British Cemetery.” Corfu became a British Protectorate in the early 19th century. By 1855, this graveyard was mainly used as a military cemetery for the British soldiers stationed on the island. Casualties from both World Wars were laid to rest there, as the British and United States forces used Corfu as a naval base.

There are civilians buried in the graveyard, too. Though the island is once again part of Greece, it’s still used today by the Anglican families descended from the British settlers. Now, there are more than 500 graves spread throughout the cemetery.

The whole place feels more like a forgotten garden than a graveyard. Beautiful, sweet-scented flowers bloom in the warmer months. Luscious grasses, plants, and trees crowd around the gravestones. There are even tortoises roaming freely, lumbering out of the shaded overgrowth to soak up the sun.

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