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Amandine Museum Ship

The last Oostende trawler to fish off Iceland is now a museum. 


The 0.129 Amandine is a large trawler ship that operated in the North Atlantic for more than 30 years. After its fishing days ended, the vessel found a second life as an interactive museum in Oostende, Belgium.

In the summer, the Amandine operated around the south coast of Iceland, and in the winter it moved to the North Sea and the Channel. It first sailed on its proving trials in 1962. The Amandine’s eight-person crew caught a variety of fish, mostly cod, haddock, ling, pollack, and various types of flat fish.

It was the last Oostende trawler to operate in the difficult seas off Iceland, returning from its last voyage on March 3, 1995. Over the course of several years, the ship was restored and reopened as a museum, and sits in a dry dock on the Fisherman’s Quay in Oostende, where it has been since 2000.

On board, dioramas have been set up at strategic points including the fish hold (complete with realistic-looking fake fish and less realistic-looking fake ice). It really brings to light the workings of this historically important type of vessel. Visitors are permitted  throughout the vessel including the engine room and wheelhouse. Next to the vessel is recreation of a 1960s street from the fishing quarter including shops, a cafe and  even a brothel.

Know Before You Go

The Amandine is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are €5.

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April 11, 2020

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