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Chioggia, Italy

Vigo Bridge

A bridge to rival those in nearby Venice but without the crowds.
Brussels, Belgium

Hôtel Solvay

This historic Art Nouveau townhouse was the former home of the son of a famous chemical inventor and industrialist.
Taglio di Po, Italy

Museo Regionale della Bonifica di Ca' Vendramin

This former drainage pumping station was fundamental to the drainage of the Po delta.
Genoa, Italy

The Lighthouse of Genoa

Depending on how it is measured, this lighthouse can claim to be the tallest in Europe and the tallest conventional lighthouse in the world.
Padua, Italy

'Blown with Synapses'

This impressive mural is just one amazing artwork on the walls of a data center in Padua.
Peñíscola, Spain

Peniscola Castle

A place steeped in history that may be best known as the set of a 1960 film.
Genoa, Italy

Mackenzie Castle

This Gothic revival structure has been a family home, a military base, a gymnastics center, and is now owned by one of the largest auction houses in Italy.
Prague, Czechia

Prague Hlavni Nadrazi Vestibule

A historic and beautiful Art Nouveau chamber in a historic railway station.
Viterbo, Italy

'Il Risveglio' ('The Awakening')

This fiberglass version of the Awakening sculpture by Seward Johnson, now resides in its third location in Italy, in Viterbo.
Alcoy, Spain

Circulo Industrial de Alcoy

This local cultural center is housed in one of the most important Valencian Art Nouveau buildings in a town that is blessed with many.
Bilbao, Spain

Stained Glass Window at Bilbao Abando Indalecio Prieto Station

Marvel at this immense work of art that greets arrivals to the city.
Alcoy, Spain

La Sarga Cave Paintings

These 7,000-year-old cave paintings depict life in Neolithic Spain.
Genoa, Italy

Genova-Casella Railway

This historic line is a remnant of an ambitious and unconventional project that today provides panoramic views of the Ligurian mountains.
Bocairent, Spain

Covetes del Colomer

This set of Berber granary caves is now an interpretation center for the cave window structures in the Clarino valley.
Gaiazza, Italy

Percorso Verde Ex Guidovia (Former Tramway Greenway)

Hike along an abandoned railway up to a popular pilgrimage site.
Civitavecchia, Italy

Fort Michelangelo

The famous sculptor had a hand in this imposing fortress.
San Marino, San Marino

Montale Tunnel

The San Marino-Rimini railroad was short-lived but this tunnel once provided shelter for hundreds of refugees during World War II.
Bocairent, Spain

San Blai Snow Cave

This human-made cave is one of the many snow storage chambers that supported the ice supply industry in the Sierra Mariola area.
Bocairent, Spain

Arc de l'Aigua (Arch of the Water)

This decorative arch symbolizes the history of this medieval village but still maintains a modern purpose.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnehaha Falls

This small, but beautiful waterfall has attracted visits from artists, composers, and two United States presidents.
Viterbo, Italy

Fontana-Monumento al Paracadutista d’Italia

This war memorial commemorates some of the world's first paratroopers.
Civitavecchia, Italy

Falcone and Borsellino and Mafia Victims Memorial

An image of two murdered magistrates became iconic and is reproduced in metal as a memorial on the Civitavecchia sea front.
Bocairent, Spain

Covetes dels Moros

For many years, the origin of these enigmatic artificial caves was the subject of debate among historians.
Bocairent, Spain

The Bridge Behind the Town and the Tax Collector's Cave

On market days, a tax collector sat in a small cave at the end of this arched bridge.