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Cumil the Sewer Worker

This Slovakian statue of an emerging sewer worker might just be a bronze peeping tom. 


Meet Cumil, Bratislava’s somewhat notorious sewer worker statue. Is he resting? Is he heading down to clean up your mess? Or is he peeping up women’s skirts?

Debate rages on as to what this cheeky chap is actually doing as he pokes out of a sculptural manhole in Bratislava’s old town district. The odd statue was installed in 1997 as part of an effort to spice up the look and feel of the area which was traditionally marked with drab Communist-era architecture and decoration. 

As Cumil is leaning out over a curb it comes as no surprise that his head has been clipped off more than once by careless motorists. The statue isn’t just a danger to drivers, but to pedestrians as well. Woe betide the drunkard stumbling their way home in the dark; he’ll have you on the floor if you’re not paying attention. In order to protect drivers, amblers, and most importantly, Cumil himself, the city installed a warning sign just above his head. The unique sign seems to be saying, “watch out for creeps underfoot.”

Physical dangers aside, Cumil has come to be a beloved institution in the city and visitors come from all over to lay in the street and look him in the eyes, or just sit on his head. You can decide for yourself whether the old man is a bronze peeping tom or not. 

Know Before You Go

Centrally located in Bratislava's old town.