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Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle

The ruins of this medieval castle in Northern Ireland have inspired artists from C.S. Lewis to Led Zeppelin. 

This ruined medieval castle on the coast of Northern Ireland looks like it’s about to topple off the edge of the steep cliffs it’s perched upon.

Legend says that the kitchen itself fell into a the sea on a stormy night, and while that’s not actually true (the kitchen is still intact) its romantic aura and silhouette have inspired artists from C.S. Lewis to Led Zeppelin.

Know Before You Go

There is a main parking lot by a small bike shop to your left. From there you can take the path to the stair walkway that goes down the side of the hill. It is steep and there are a ton of downward steps, so comfortable, tennis shoes are important. From there you can walk right up to the castle.

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