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Neerpelt, Belgium

Klankenbos Sound Forest

Artwork tucked within the trees greets visitors with surreal sonic experiences. 

Strange, almost otherworldly sounds saturate the air within this public park. While following the well-trodden trail, you’ll come across wooden artwork tucked among the trees. Their vibrations, clicks, and ability to warp ambient noise make for a surreal walk through the woods.

The Klankenbos Sound Forest uses auditory and aesthetic art to create an unusual experience. In the decade since it was started, its different installations have manipulated sounds in unique, innovative ways that both delight and unsettle those who wander through.

Every single work of art contains its own sonic surprises. The medley of innovative items forms a sort of choose-your-own auditory adventure. Each structure is a sight to behold, but the real treat comes from those you can climb inside.

Walk into weathered huts that seem to vibrate and buzz of their own accord. Climb inside an oversized metal cylinder, where you can feel the sonar waves pulse through the enclosed air. Descend into a soundproof glass tunnel-like structure, where the usual sounds of the forest are replaced with an eerie, unnatural silence. Take a seat in a chair wedged between two sounding boxes that amplify nearby noises.

In addition to the permanent structures, temporary exhibitions sometime pop up as well. The sound park is free and open to the public at all hours.

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