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Istra, Russia

Abandoned Marx Generator

A dormant lightning machine equal to all the power in Russia.
55.9232, 36.8200
Lenin's Death Mask
Moscow, Russia

Gorki Leninskiye

Former estate of Lenin, now home to his death mask.
55.5103, 37.7747
Institute of Russian Realist Art.
Moscow, Russia

Institute of Russian Realist Art

One of the largest collections of socialist realist art shows the surprising depth of the official art of the Soviet Union.
55.7231, 37.6511
Moscow, Russia

Old English Yard

The "Mystery and Company of Merchant Adventurers" - an Elizabethan era hangout in Moscow.
55.7595, 37.6255
Golden Brains
Moscow, Russia

The 'Golden Brains'

Some Moscow residents once claimed the bizarre, contorted mass of metal on top of the building was used to manipulate minds.
55.7108, 37.5778
Moscow, Russia

State Darwin Museum

The world's first museum dedicated to the work of game-changing naturalist Charles Darwin.
55.6907, 37.5615
"Golden Strawberry" samovar set sold at the museum ($349)
Tula, Russia

Tula Museum of Samovars

A Russian museum dedicated to the household staple, the samovar.
54.1921, 37.6233
Moscow, Russia

Red Gates skyscraper

Stalinist skyscraper built with help of cryotechnology.
55.7695, 37.6489
Views of the Sokol Settlement in Moscow.
Moscow, Russia


An early-20th-century "dacha" village of quaint cottages curiously located in a modern part of Moscow.
55.8032, 37.5038
Looking down the hall to the bunker
Moscow, Russia


Dr. Strangelove-esque tours inside a bunker under Moscow's streets once reserved for Stalin himself.
55.7417, 37.6493
Windcatcher of Dolat Abad in Yazd.
Yazd, Iran

Dolat Abad Windcatcher

Long before air conditioning, Persian architects found an ingenious way to cool off.
31.9018, 54.3537
The lighthouse.
Key Biscayne, Florida

Cape Florida Lighthouse

Located within a historic park, the beacon is the oldest standing structure in Miami.
Sponsored by Visit Florida
Artist impression of medieval Bologna.
Bologna, Italy

Towers of Bologna

Over 100 towers were built in Bologna during the Middle Ages, but only 22 survive.
44.4943, 11.3467
The Chinese Opera Theater
Pushkin, Russia

Chinese Village at Tsarskoe Selo

A model village fit for an emperor.
59.7081, 30.4186
Pushkin, Russia

The Amber Room

An 18th century wonder of the world, lost in WWII, re-created at the Catherine Palace.
59.7173, 30.3942
The Dostoevsky Museum.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

F. M. Dostoyevsky Literary Memorial Museum

An ever-growing literary collection housed in the apartment where the Russian author penned his final novel.
59.9274, 30.3507
"Let's give the working class something nice, shall we?"
Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Fyodor Dostoevsky Theater of Dramatic Art

This late-brutalist masterpiece everyone forgot about was originally created to get the proletariat jazzed about the arts.
58.5297, 31.2817
Wandering the Immeasurable.
Meyrin, Switzerland

'Wandering the Immeasurable'

CERN's beautiful, bending sculpture is a tribute to the spread of knowledge.
46.2337, 6.0561
Nelson's Courtyard.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nelson's Courtyard

A surreal pile of colorful junk fills a small yard in an otherwise gray neighborhood.
59.9628, 30.3043
Fortress of Suomenlinna
Helsinki, Finland

Fortress of Suomenlinna

This irregularly shaped sea fortress has defended not one but three different sovereign states.
60.1454, 24.9881
Kreenholm Masters' House.
Narva, Estonia

Kreenholm Manufacturing Company

An abandoned textile factory on the "island of crows" was home to Estonia's first workers' strike.
59.3578, 28.1797
Eyüp, Turkey

Museum of Energy

This shuttered power plant is now Turkey's first industrial archaeology museum.
41.0664, 28.9467
Ticket to USSR.
Moscow, Russia

Ticket to the USSR

This small museum is basically a time capsule of daily life in the Soviet Union.
55.7945, 37.6682
Peter the Great statue.
Moscow, Russia

Peter the Great Statue

One of the world's tallest statues is also one of its most hated.
55.7386, 37.6083